If your libido is a bit low lately, you feel lethargic and you want to rekindle your sexual desire, then an erotic massage is specially designed for you! Forget about all the old tricks of your grandmother and of all those aphrodisiacs that never work. We are talking about a real practice, where two bodies meet, touch, caress and excite side by side, with one another.


If the traditional massage aims to alleviate and eliminate muscle tension and stress, then the erotic massage searches out the pleasure: it tries to unbalance the person who receives the massage thus stimulating his/her sexual desire. With this kind of massage the partner´s body is massaged in a sensual way, stimulating the skin with caresses that arouse excitement and libido. Therefore, it doesn’t have much effect on the muscles, but in the most sensitive nerve endings of the skin. The hands glide smoothly over the naked body of the person, having previously created a suitable atmosphere, with candles, music, dim lights.

The word massage, “massech”, comes from Hebrew, and means to touch or to feel. The key of the erotic massage lies in where and how the person touches his/her partner body. In any case it is not a sexual relationship where sex is involved to reach an orgasm. It just seeks to awaken the senses through the preamble before a possible sexual relationship, if any.

Find out the erogenous zones of your partner and pay special attention to them. Open your mind and explore his/her body with your fingers, the palms of the hands and the fingernails: anything goes! Seduce your partner. One of its main objectives is to discover what causes him/her most pleasure. You will be pleasantly surprised to find out how many body areas that until now you did no bear in mind can be very exciting for both.

The effect of an erotic massage can be as deep as a passionate kiss, or as exciting as sexual intercourse. Up to where you take this effect depends entirely on you.

This massage can be the perfect lead in before having intercourse. It also serves as a complete sexual relation if both parties reach an orgasm. Together you can enjoy different orgasms and discover a new dimension of your sexuality. It also serves as a kind of sex therapy as it also helps to treat premature ejaculation.

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