The years are gradually eroding everything in the way subtlety: all kinds of materials, feelings and relationships. Of course, there is no exception in marriages, partners, etc … Day after day, month after month, year after year the constant contact with the couple takes to fall in the so much hated routine. We cannot do anything about it, or we do at some point in the relationship in which everything happens automatically and unfortunately, sex included.

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I recently read an article that said that love is what remains of the couple and sex is reserved for the lover, do you agree? Possibly… if one has a lover, sure. If you have no lover you must find a solution to the lack of sex. The important thing here is, like in any other problem, talk about it quietly.

Passion comes and goes and you just have to manage it, as we must be aware that living together erodes a relationship but also makes it stronger, so not everything are bad newa in this regard.

One of the proposals that apply in these cases to be able to overcome a sexual crisis is to organize a romantic getaway, where? Well, to any destination where the main concern is to enjoy in couple.

We propose the beautiful Marrakech. Yes, this is one of the most tourist cities of Morocco, where for example, we can find the largest traditional market in the country, which is a must, and of course, the Medina. But there are magical places, less touristy that will wrap you in a cloud of love and passion.

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For accommodation do not hesitate, rent one of the apartments in Marrakech and do what you want with your time and passion. The city will not disappoint you.

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